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Car Seat Air Travel Covers

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Baby Car Seats Covers

If you and your baby have fun traveling the skies then you want to be sure that your baby car seat gets where you are going in good shape. If you transfer planes a lot to get to and from, then so does your baby car seat and luggage. There are many opportunities for damage.

So, what are the important features that you need to consider when selecting a car seat cover for your air travel?


You want your cover to not only make it through the trip but many more trips in the future.  Consumers have reported the JL Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag to be head and shoulders above the competition. 

One part of durability is straps that won't break or fray.  It is also nice to have a handle as well so you can carry it like luggage if you want.

Fits Your Car Seat

Make sure that the car seat cover you are selecting for air travel will actually fit your brand and model of car seat.  If you read the reviews on Target or Ebay you will see a number of different Manufacture's of car seats mentioned as having fit well into the JL Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag.

Protects Your Car Seat

You don't want your baby car seat to be un-useable when you arrive at your destination.  Traveling without a good cover for your car seats  can find you looking at a car seat with jagged and course edges that will be harmful to your baby's arms or feet.

Backpack or Wheels

First thought here would be to think about how many pieces of luggage on wheels that you will have besides your baby car seat.  Some people like the backpack better because they can sling it over a shoulder and use their hands for pulling their luggage and/or baby stroller through the airport. 

Others think the backpack is easier to maneuver when riding the escalators in the airports. 

One consumer reported that they had one with wheels and the wheels were the first thing to get broken during their trips.

If you are carrying the child and have the backpack with the car seat slung over your back then that might be too much weight for you.  If there are two of you then one carrying the baby and the other one with the backpack slung over their shoulder would be an easier situation.

Drawstring or Zipper

Go for the zipper.  It can be opened as quickly as a drawstring and is less likely to come open un-intentionally during travel. Plus it can be lockable.


Depending on the size of your car seat you may find that the travel bag has room for some other things like stuffed animals, blankets, clothes, diapers or other baby car seat accessories.  Since car seats don't count as luggage you may be able to get by without paying extra luggage fees if you can place some items in with the car seat; and the airlines don't seem to mind.

Just be sure not to put too much weight in the bag for you to carry.  The seat itself will weigh a good bit.

Travel tip:
  If you do place extra items in the travel bag then put them in a ziploc or clear plastic bags so they can be checked without a lot of digging around in the travel bag or losing some of your items.

Another travel tip is that some airports will put carseats in the "oversized luggage" area when you unload and not on the carousel  with your luggage.  So, don't panic when you haven't seen your carseat as the carousel stops.

Our Pick for a Car Seat Air Travel Cover

jl childress ultimate car seat travel bag

JL Childress Car Seat Travel Bag

As we mentioned earlier we like the JL Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag.  We liked the backpack version best because it left our hands free for rolling luggage, strollers, etc. 

Here are the features that sold us:
  • Water resistant
  • Heavy duty fabric
  • Cleans easily     
  • Padded backpack straps
  • Adjustable straps
  • Roomy interior
  • Most car seat brands fit in it; with room to spare
  • Padded interior all around
  • Dual lockable zippers
  • ID pocket with ID card
  • Has carry handle as well as backpack straps
  • Reasonably priced
  • Black Color
  • Very good consumer rating

And of course, we shop at  However, I found that this car seat travel cover is also sold at and

Enjoy your trip!














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