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Diono Soft Wraps Car Seat Harness Pads

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Car Seat Harness Pads

With most every safety item added to our car comes opportunities to find a solution to a problem that they create.  And this is the case with seat belts whether the adult belts or the harness belts on your child's car seat.

Belts can be uncomfortable because they cut into your shoulders and this is especially true for your little one with their tender skin.

So, the solution is seatbelt or harness strap pads or covers.  They can make your ride while being strapped into your seat or your child in their car seat much more comfortable.  And, if your ride is a long one then they are almost a must have.

What should you look for in car seat harness pads?

  • Something comfortable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to attach and adjust
  • Easy to clean
  • Nice color
  • Material

Our pick for harness straps for your child's car seat is the Diono Soft Wraps Car Seat Harness Pads.

  • These pads are nice and soft so as to prevent strap irritation.
  • The sides are reversible with a gray/brown or ivory color. Will need to cut the labels from one side though to make this work.
  • Sized to fit all car seats and strollers
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Velcro closures for easy installation
  • Comfortable but thin enough for the 5-point harness to function properly
  • Machine washable - line dry, come out looking like new
  • Nice look - no animal shapes, etc.
  • Good sturdy material

You probably will want to get two pair though so you can keep a set on while the other set is in the wash.

Where to Buy Diono Soft Wraps Car Seat Harness Covers

We like shopping at Ebay and the Diono Soft Wraps Car Seat Harness Pads are a good buy at

Sheepskin Seat Belt Pads for Adults

Well while you are providing comfort for your children then why not provide some comfort for yourself.  Depending on your height a car seat belt will stick you at different points on your body.  For me it is right on my collar bone.  Without my seat belt pad the strap just rubs very uncomfortably against that bone.

My seat belts covers makes all the difference.  When I got a new car a couple of years ago I got me a new seat belt shoulder pad to match the color of my interior before I even went to get the tag transferred.
seat belt shoulder pads
Even though this pick is not the one I have (mine is a couple of years old) these Sheepskin Seat Belt Shoulder Pads have good reviews and does seem to be made for comfort.

Other consumers have reported that it is very thick and soft and does not shed. 

While you are getting your child's car seat harness get a seat belt pad and provide some comfort for yourself also.

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