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Emergency Life Hammer - Seatbelt Cutter and Window Breaker

Any automobile accident is frightening, but having an accident with your children strapped into the back of the car is even more frightening. 
If your car is thrown into the water with you trapped inside it can be absolutely terrifying.  And, if you not only need to get yourself out but your small children who are strapped into car seats in the back of the car every little second will count. Being able to cut those straps away or break a window out can be life saving.

Another type of accident that is very frightening and where every second can count is one which involves your car catching on fire. 

We all assume that life will be normal today as it was yesterday.  But, split seconds can unexpectedly  change our lives for the better or worse.

Train yourself to think in this order when trying to escape an accident, especially if it involves water or fire.  Brace yourself with your hands on the steering wheel  when you see an impact about to happen or when your vehicle has left the road and is about to be immersed in water.  This brace will help protect yourself from the deployment of the air bags.

Then your order of thoughts should be:  Seat belts, children, window escape.  Unbuckle the oldest children first so they can help with the other children. If you have pets in the car free them also.  Dogs can more than likely swim to the surface if your accident involves water and they can just escape from the car.

This is where we found two items that can be very helpful in the case of these two type accidents.  One, is the Glass Breaker Seat Belt Cutter and the other is the Auto Fire Extinguisher.

If your accident involves water you will have very little time to open the door because of the pressure of the water against the door.  This time period is while most of the door is still above water. 

Opening the door also has the disadvantage of causing a quicker sink of the car.   A car's electrical system should work for about three minutes in water.  After this you will need to be able to break out the window.  Don't forget if you have a sunroof that can be manually opened that this will be an escape route as well.

If you open the window as soon as you hit the water then you will have more time before water starts to enter the car than if you opened the door right away.

Car Window Breaking Tool

Once your window is open and you and your children are free of the seatbelts then heave your children first up toward the surface of the water car window breaking tool and seat belt cutter knife. as best you can.  If they can't swim then try to give them something that floats (diaper bag, cushion) to hold onto along with strict instructions that they should not let go of the item. If you have nothing, then an adult may have to go with them.

When exiting be sure you have cleared the car before you kick your feet.  For the direction you need to swim in look for light or follow bubbles as they will be going up.  When you surface watch for rocks, concrete bridge supports or even a passing boat.  You may also find yourself dealing with a strong current.

Try to find branches or some other type of support to cling too especially if you are injured , exhausted or hanging onto a small child.  If your child is old enough try to get them to cling onto you, freeing your arms and legs to help keep you both afloat.  
If your accident involves a fire then your car's electrical system may be out right away.  You will want to get the windows open as soon as possible, not only as an escape route but for breathing purposes.   Harmful gases can be produced from a variety of the synthetic materials of which motor vehicles are constructed.

Because some parts of an automobile can explode when heated by a fire, exiting the vehicle as quickly as possible should be your goal. The same thought process should be on your mind.  Seat belt, children, exit.
Unlike a car submerged in water you may be able to easily get a door open for exiting, but if not always keep in mind the windows as an escape route.

The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool
resqme The Original Seat Belt cutter glass breaker Keychain Car Escape Tool

I keep my Life Hammer in the compartment between my front bucket seats but, you may prefer the new seatbelt cutter window breaker keychain car escape tool shown here.

resqme keychain car escape tool is a revolutionary hand-held rescue tool that is amazingly powerful despite its mini size. A fierce but absolutely safe spring loaded stainless steel spike allows the vehicle occupant to easily break side windows and a carefully concealed stainless steel razor blade slices through a jammed seat belt to prevent vehicular entrapment.

Comes in different colors and can be purchased from

Life Hammer Survival Tool

If you are unable to open the windows then they will have to be broken out to escape.  If you have no object with which to break the windows try kicking them out.  As with all things, the good for one circumstance, can be the bad for another.

Car windows today are made with a safety glass that is meant to shatter and not actually break away thereby cutting its occupants.  This however can make it more difficult to break completely out when you need the window as an escape route.  Always try to break out the side windows.

The front windshield is made to be unbreakable, so don't even try it.
Seat Belts which are made to protect us in the case of an automobile accident can also get jammed during an accident and prevent a fast exit from the vehicle.
Since most drivers, especially women, don't carry a pocket full of tools or items that they could use for cutting seat belts or breaking windows, it is a good idea to purchase and carry in your car a glass breaker and seat belt cutter.  I personally would buy one for anyone who is driving and carrying my children in the car with them.  That might be your spouse, grandparents, baby sitters, friends, etc.

They are not that expensive so if they never need them, so be it.  But, if it saves a life or serious injury for you or your children it would be a very cheap purchase indeed. 

One caution for using an auto fire extinguisher.  Don't raise the hood of your car if you see visible flames in the engine compartment.  Stick the nozzle of your fire extinguisher through the front grill and spray the engine area very thoroughly.  Then wait a safe distance from your car for the fire department.

Take a little time to discuss and practice with your children your escape plans.  If everyone understands the plan then they are less likely to panic.  You could even make a window out of something like card board and let your children practice breaking it out with the glass breaker.  Be careful of the belt cutter though so that they don't get cut from it.

Where To Buy Life Hammer

Once again let us recommend the Car Window Glass Breaker Seat Belt Cutter that can be purchased at and Take time to do this right now. 













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